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"Preparing to pass starts before Day 1 of the course."

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Success Stories

Hui He

Level 2 | Coaching Sessions

"I failed my teaching last season, and I planned to take the retest on 20/21 season. Before I found snowboardteacher.com I had no clue where should I start from.

I was lucky enough to find snowboardteacher.com two weeks before the retest. The instructor, also CASI evaluator, at snowboardteacher.com was very helpful he taught me how to understand scenarios structurally and prepare it verbally as I am not a native English speaker.

After the coaching I successfully passed retest, here is the evaluation of my teaching retest:

"Communication is consistently clear, and technical terms are simply explained. Lessons are always organized in an effective structure"

I highly recommend snowboardteacher.com to anyone who need it, especially those people whose mother language is not English."

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We donate 1% of all revenues to POW.

Because we at snowboardteacher.com play and work in winter we've pledged to help the fight to save and protect it.

By signing up to one of our programs you are protecting winters too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Coaching Session?

Presenting is essential in learning the material. Presenting means communicating what you've learned, out loud, to someone who can listen.

Our coaches are certified CASI Evaluators who assess and evaluate candidates, like you, on course.

There is no better way to unsure that you are ready for your next course than to book a Coaching Session.

What will we do in a Coaching Session?

First and foremost our coaches are available to answer any questions you have regarding your upcoming course. Additionally, our coaches are ready to lead you through a personalized coaching session that is designed to check your understanding and presentation of the material.

Does Self-Study include Coaching?

Self-Study includes Video Examples, Graded Quizzes and a Certificate of Completion. Purchase the Full Package to include Coaching.

How many Coaching Sessions are included in the Full Package?

One 25 minute Coaching Session is included. Additional Coaching Sessions can be purchased from within the course or on the Homepage.

Is there a Park 1 Self-Study program?

At this point we offer Park 1 | Coaching Sessions. Park 1 | Self-Study is in development! If you're interested, please add your name to the mailing list below to stay informed!

Is the Self-Study program refundable?

Because you gain instant access to the Video Examples and the content developed for the Training Program, your purchase is non-refundable.