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Success Stories:

Kim - Blue Mountain, ON

Park 1

"I passed my CASI Park 1!
Thanks for the help!"

Tom - Madarao, Japan

Level 2

"What SBT offers has tremendously helped me through my preparation for CASI level 2. "

Riley - Whistler, BC

Level 2 & Park 1

"I absolutely crushed my courses! I felt like you were on my shoulder, speaking into my ear the whole time!"

CASI Level 1 Success
Francesca - Andorra

Level 1

"The course was amazing. It gave me the opportunity to understand CASI’s teaching style in concrete terms."

CASI Level 2 Success
Hui - Vancouver, BC

Level 2

"I highly recommend to anyone who need it, especially those people whose mother language is not English."

CASI Level 2 Prep
Arska - Kelowna, BC

Level 2

"The snowboard teaching tutorials are awesome! I am now a CASI Level 2 instructor :)"

Ping - Vancouver, BC

Level 2

"I was so confident for my course!"

Setareh - Whistler, BC

Level 2

"The coaching sessions made all the difference. Thank you!"

Max - Vancouver, BC

Level 2

“This online training was really helpful for my teaching evaluation because SBT breaks down the big picture into smaller, comprehensible pieces.”

"I was so confident for my CASI course!"

How we help you prepare:

Self-Study CASI Prep Courses

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to test your knowledge

Coaching CASI courses

Certified CASI Evaluators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Courses refundable?

Because you gain instant access to the Video Examples and the content developed for the Training Program, your purchase is non-refundable.

Why should I take a Coaching Session?

Presenting is essential in learning the material. Presenting means communicating what you've learned, out loud, to someone who can listen.

Our coaches are certified CASI Evaluators who assess and evaluate candidates, like you, on course.

There is no better way to unsure that you are ready for your next course than to book a Coaching Session.

What will we do in a Coaching Session?

First and foremost our coaches are available to answer any questions you have regarding your upcoming course. Additionally, our coaches are ready to lead you through a personalized coaching session that is designed to check your understanding and presentation of the material.

Do courses include Coaching?

Self-Study includes Video Examples, Graded Quizzes and a Certificate of Completion. Coaching can be purchased separately.