What is CASI-ACMS?

CASI-ACMS is the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors - l'Association Canadienne des Moniteurs de Snowboard.

CASI is a snowboard instructor certification system developed in Canada with courses being delivered in several other other countries including South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Andorra, and China.

Many countries in the world accept and recognize the Canadian certification.

What Courses does CASI offer?

CASI offers the following courses:

  • Level 1 aimed at teaching beginner to novice students
  • Level 2 aimed at teaching novice to intermediate students
  • Level 3 aimed at teaching advanced students and intro to teacher training
  • Level 4 aimed at teaching expert students and advanced teacher training
  • Park Level 1 to introduce park teaching skills on S features
  • Park Level 2 to refine park teaching skills on S, M and L features

Why is CASI a Great Organization?

CASI is entirely run by snowboarders. From the top down, this association is staffed with passionate riders whose mission is to grow the sport of snowboarding.

CASI's courses are built in such a way that teachers develop their teaching and riding skills with each level of certification in attainable steps.

I'm proud to be a CASI evaluator and am stoked to see this association champion our sport around the world!


Graham Sinclair

CASI Level 2 & Park 1 Evaluator | Founder & Head Coach at SnowboardTeacher.com