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ESL Tools

Key Words, Key Grammar, Key Phrases

Transcripts & Language Reference

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Key Words, Key Grammar, Key Phrases

At the top of each lesson will be key (important) language used in presentations.

The Key Grammar points are links to the Language Reference where you can learn more about the specific language point.

It's a good idea to keep the Language Reference open as you move through the lessons.


Below the video in each lesson will be a Transcript of what was said in the video.

Transcripts are useful to read after watching the video.

A good way to practice is to read the subtitles out loud while you are watching the video. Practice speaking loud and clearly.

The transcripts have links which will bring you to the Language Reference.

If you don't understand a language point, click on the link and learn.

ESL | Common Questions

Listen to 20 different audio recordings of common questions you will hear on your course. Quizzes check your listening skills.

Online ESL Coaching

We have a team of coaches ready to help you with speaking and pronunciation.

If you don't understand something, ask one of our coaches in an Online Coaching Session.

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