1.0 - Goal



Key Words




Key Phrases

"...learn to use the equipment..."

"...gain comfort..."

"...one foot attached..."


you're going to learn now is learn how to present the GOAL of the BASICS section of Quickride.


you're going to do this is because both the teacher and the learner need to understand GOALS for an effective lesson.


you're going to do this is by:

  • watching the video example
  • answering the questions that follow
  • completing the task at the end of the lesson

Let’s start with the basics.

Our goals arewhat we want to learn is to learn to use the equipment,

and to gain comfortfeel better; be more comfortable with moving around

with one foot attachedstrapped to the snowboard; strapped into the binding.

  • Record yourself delivering the GOAL of BASICS.
  • It should take 10 seconds maximum. Keep it short and simple.
  • Watch your recording and then watch the example video.
  • Do you speak too much?

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