1.4 - Equipment Familiarity and Mobility


Equipment Familiarity & Mobility

Key Words





step across

Key Phrases

"...What we're going to do now is __________..."

"...Why we want to do this is __________..."

"....try to balance..."

"...strep across..."


you're going to learn now is learn how to present EQUIPMENT FAMILIARITY & MOBILITY.


you're going to do this is because this is the FIRST TIME your students are using a snowboard.


you're going to do this is by:

  • listening to the video
  • answering the questions that follow
  • completing the task at the end of the lesson

What we’re going to do now is become familiarused to; comfortable with with our snowboard.

Why we want to do this is so we can become more comfortable with one foot attached.

Let’s begin by slidingmoving side-to-side and not lifting the snowboard on the snow.

Now try to balancestand and not fall over on one foot.

Balance on the other foot.

Now try to turnmove (the snowboard) in a circle the board by pushing it in a circle.

Turn it the other way by pulling it in a circle.

Try to step acrossmove your free foot from one side to the other the snowboard.

Step to the other side.

Step one more time and lift the snowboard behind you.

Step back and lift the snowboard in front of you.

Now place your foot between both bindings and try a little hopjump with both legs.

  • Practice explaining the exercises.
  • Don't forget to tell us:
  1. What we're doing
  2. Why we're doing it
  3. How to do it

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